With less than two weeks before Election Day, student organizations at the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences have joined forces to get the Wayne State community ready to vote. The Student Pharmacists Diversity Council (SPDC) and Fighting AIDS with Nutrition (FAWN) have been working together with the brothers of Kappa Psi in their Up to Us voting campaign.

Jacob Dudash and Joseph Paul Javier

Their efforts started during summer semester with an educational rally at Memorial Park with APIA (Asian & Pacific Islander American) Vote Michigan. The outdoor event addressed disparities in health care and the need for social justice. SPDC provided face masks and hand sanitizer for the event while Kappa Psi passed out snacks and helped attendees register to vote.

“As health care professionals, we take an oath to do everything we can to provide the best possible outcome for all of our patients,” said Ryan Mac, SPDC president. “By not addressing disparities due to race, gender, or socioeconomic status in health care, we are failing to keep that oath. We also must keep this in mind when voting for our leaders and legislators. It’s important that each of us play a participative role in our democracy and advocate for policies that promote these values.”

Ryan Mac and Daniel Frederick

Daniel Frederick, Kappa Psi president and Up to Us team member, joined other health care professionals and community leaders by speaking at the educational rally, delivering a speech about how bias and racial inequity can adversely affect patient outcomes.

FAWN also joined the voting campaign effort at their recent online seminar on the role of nutrition for those living with HIV/AIDS. After their presentation with pharmacist Frankie Julian, attendees learned how to register to vote online, followed by a discussion on how voting affects fiscal policy.

This past week, these student leaders initiated several online and in-person events to bolster their voting campaign.

Activities have included Zoom presentations, online games with prizes, social media posts, and passing out flyers with voting information in areas surrounding Wayne State’s campus. The WSU Up to Us team also reached out to more than 1,000 Michigan voters through phone bank and canvassing initiatives.