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Our Mission

FAWN’s mission is to improve the quality of life for those living and suffering with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening diseases in Africa and beyond by:

  1. Being a consistent source for nutritional supplements for these populations that is used in conjunction with medical treatments received from local governments and national and international health agencies
  2. Motivating the public into action by being a source of education and inspiration for social consciousness regarding the critical role of nutrition in the management of the devastating HIV/AIDS disease and other life-threatening illnesses and crises worldwide.
  3. Being an example of Christian charity to all.

To Her with Love - Paperback

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FAWN delivers,

Partnering with Pastor Dave Lomasney of World Medical Relief.

Why are we still collecting liquid nutrition when there are antiretroviral medications to treat AIDS?

It is true that Medications have been developed to decrease HIV virus in  infected individuals, but the scientifically developed prepared nutrition builds up the immune system, creating T cells. The individual gains weight  and feels stronger  with  the nutrition added to the treatment regimen. Many are able to return to work.

Do the HIV/ AIDS patients in Africa and countries outside the United States comply with their medication regime, making the nutrition effective?

It has been reported that the soil in parts of Africa is not as fertile and soil in America and the food they eat from their homeland leads to malnourishment. The metabolism in the infected individual is increased in the bodies fight of it.

The side effects of the medications are rich with Gastrointestinal side effects especially in the malnourished. It has been reported that some have died from the diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. The liquid nutrition counters that.

What can I do to help?

I am glad you asked. There is much you can do by joining with our efforts. FAWN is committed to fighting AIDS with nutrition and education. The people in the west can have can drives in their churches, community organizations and school. Wayne State University, in Detroit, Eugene Applebaum School of Pharmacy, has a FAWN organization on campus and would be willing to help you start one on your campus.  Their can be a continuing collection and education of the problem on going with yearly can drives and education programs.

I thought the AIDS population is decreasing worldwide. Isn't it?

Just the opposite. It is true that there are decreases in the spread of the disease, but people are living with it instead of dying from it, hence they need for us to keep on caring by sending them the nutrition with the life saving antiretroviral medication.

How has FAWN uniting with World Medical Relief made a difference?

IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE!!! They help us ship, store and connect to the worldwide community. True we specialized in the treatment of AIDS and their mission is broader, but they have connection through Africa and the world that help with FAWN mission as we with partner with them.

I don't live in the Detroit area. Can I still help with FAWN's mission?

We have educational material and would be will to instruct those interested. We would recognize you as a FAWN speaker and  ambassador.  You can raise funds and have can drive. You would need to ship it to World Medical Relief in South-field, Michigan so it could be combined with other collections and be sent out around the world.

Fighting AIDS with Nutrition
P. O. Box 394
Allen Park, MI 48101

Phone: (313) 977-0259

World Medical Relief
21725 Melrose Ave.  Southfield, MI, 48075
Phone: (313) 866-5333


Donations can be dropped off at the above locations.  |  Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.