What We Do

childrenathomeThe AIDS epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa has become one of the greatest tragedies of our times. Millions of people are affected daily and many are left to struggle through life without the help of loved ones who have fallen victim to this deadly virus. Tragically, millions of children have been left orphaned as a result. We believe that we must act now on behalf of those who do not have the means necessary to fight this horrific epidemic.

That is the mission of FAWN: Fighting AIDS With Nutrition, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Since 2001, we have strived to help victims of the AIDS and HIV virus to battle the disease using liquid nutrition as a powerful weapon. We partner with local churches near Johannesburg, South Africa and Sephare Village, Botswana to provide thousands of AIDS victims with the life giving nutrition that is so critically needed for their survival. With the help of our partners and friends, we have sent dozens of shipments of liquid nutrition over the last several years. As we move forward in our mission to serve those who desperately need our help, we are continuing to work hard to develop a consistent shipment schedule that will result in dramatic enhancements in the quality and quantity of life among AIDS patients in Sub-Saharan Africa!

Recently, the United Nations Commission on AIDS published an article showing that the work we have promoted and lead throughout the last decade is a dominant force in the fight against AIDS (United Nations Policy Brief 2009). The report provides evidence that nutritional supplements, such as liquid nutrition greatly increase the strength and overall health of the AIDS patient when taken alongside Antiretroviral Therapy. Though African governments have provided antiretroviral medications, nutrition is not so readily available. As a result, the medications often have a severe negative affect on the patient’s body and overall health.

To further our mission, FAWN partners with several organizations here in the United States of America including World Medical Relief, located in Detroit, Michigan and colleges and schools such as the Wayne State University Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences to collect cans of liquid nutrition to ship to AIDS patients in Africa. Furthermore, our partnerships allow us to educate citizens on the science behind liquid nutrition and its effect on the AIDS virus, bringing them to a place of compassionate action. As a result, participates have raised thousands of cans each year, therefore giving them the opportunity to serve others, while also furthering their education.

FAWN would be honored to partner with you and your group toward developing a service project that would further the education and compassion of our world’s citizens. We strongly believe that our partnerships continue to help FAWN to fight AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa by furthering the mission to promote awareness of this global concern and to educate all people to a place of action.

We are in tremendous appreciation for your continued support. Join us.