How To Help

Today, you have the ability to make a difference in the life of an AIDS patient in Sub-Saharan Africa. Without your help, many will not survive the affects of this horrific virus. There are many ways in which you can partner with us to make a positive impact. Whichever way you choose, remember that your action is critical toward saving more lives in this region of our world.

Today, make the decision to:


Ongoing prayer support for our friends who have been devastated by the AIDS virus is critical toward effectively defeating the AIDS epidemic. Pray that God will touch those who are suffering in this region and will lead our efforts to help AIDS patients to live longer and to have a higher quality of life.

Make a Donation

Make a single donation:

Your donation in any amount will go a long way toward enhancing our efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is critical that we continue to work to develop consistent shipments of liquid nutrition to AIDS devastated communities in this region. With your help, we can make our goal a reality!

Become a Monthly Partner

Make a monthly donation:

Becoming a monthly partner with FAWN will help us to develop the consistent shipment schedule that is so vital toward the enhancement of our mission in Sub-Saharan Africa. Monthly partnerships allow us to reach more AIDS patients with the life giving power of liquid nutrition. Your partnership will allow us to prevent another child from becoming one of the estimated 34 million orphans that have lost their parents to diseases such as AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. Let’s work together to defeat this epidemic. Become a partner of FAWN today!

Host an Educational Presentation and Can Drivewsu_students

FAWN is committed to educating all people on the horrific impact of the AIDS epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa, and to lead all to a place of compassionate action. One of the means for doing this is by hosting a presentation and discussion on the subject with a FAWN representative at your group, organization, or class meeting.

Several organizations and school groups have joined our cause by hosting a can drive to collect cans of liquid nutrition to be shipped to AIDS patients in Sub-Saharan Africa. If you are interested in hosting such an event, FAWN representatives would be honored to work with you on this opportunity. Please contact FAWN at 313-977-0259 to learn more today!